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Finding harmony amidst the chaos of modern life is challenging even in the most predictable of times. Addressing the quality of our thoughts, the state of our bodies and the ways in which these things reflect into our outer world is key to creating and maintaining lasting balance in life.

With a traditional approach to Tantric Hatha Yoga comes an awareness of the totality of life. That is to say – there is no aspect of practice (& therefore, life) that goes unnoticed, or which lacks relevance, beauty and importance.
Each breath modulating into the next, each moment directly impacting the next, and a deep, profound awareness of the connection between all things.

While Asana is a valuable & necessary tool, Ayurveda is the underlying reason why Yoga ‘works’. In short, Ayurveda deals with the state of physical body – ensuring it’s strength, clarity and readiness to practice, making health & longevity a priority over short-term pleasure and fleeting bliss.

According to the tradition (and in my own felt experience), it is these things which create the stable foundation for that sense of internal balance to last, long after we leave the yoga mat behind.


I offer 1:1 Ayurvedic Consultations, which are geared towards helping you understand more about your unique Doshic type. Each session is 60 minutes long, with a 30-minute follow-up call.

I also offer options of either 6 or 8 week- blocks of private coaching, for a chance to dive deeper into your individual needs and facilitate support throughout the integration of new Ayurvedic practices, habits and routines. 

Prices & more information on request –


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Jenny is an Irish yoga teacher, musician and writer who has spent the past 5 years travelling, exploring and integrating these ancient sciences into her life.

She a qualified Integrative Health coach and Ayurvedic Counsellor who has trained & studied with teachers such as Joshua Rosenthal (IIN), Myra Lewin, Brad Hay and Rod Stryker, as well as having completed YTTs in Tantric Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. She also offers Kirtan circles regularly, and approaches all of these offerings with a view to creating harmony in everything she does.

Choose From:

60-minute once-off session (+ 30-min follow up)
6 or 8 Week-programmes (1:1 calls tailored to you)

Prices on request.

Please contact for more information!

Yoga practices based in Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga lineage and Ayurvedic principles.

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