Nurture Your Nature Online Programme

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Alongside yoga, the ancient yogis developed this system of living in harmony with nature and their bodies to ensure maximum LONGEVITY.

Their reason?

To pursue yoga. To pursue their DHARMA.

Because it’s difficult to meditate or work on inner strength & resilience if you don’t feel healthy and strong in your body.

This mini-course will run ONLINE for 4 weeks, during which you’ll get personal 1:1 attention as well as group workshops and a private online community to discuss your progress and findings in.

The goal is simple: to help you return to and begin nurturing YOUR unique nature. 

4 Weeks of Ayurveda – NURTURE YOUR NATURE

Starts: 29th November 2020


  • 1 online Group workshop/lecture per week (4-6pm every Sunday) on things like Ayurvedic nutrition, Tantric philosophy, yoga for your Dosha, & more). This includes a yoga practice, discussion & time for Q&A (4 in total, 2 hours length)
  • 2 x pre-recorded yoga classes per week
  • 2 x 1:1 sessions per person with me in week 1 and week 4
  • 3 x Sample recipe booklets for the Doshas
  • Guidance creating Routine & Practices
  • How to recognise and treat imbalances
  • 35-page eBook on Mind/Body healing & integration download

Programme (Rough) Schedule:
Week 1 – Intro calls scheduled individually
Sunday evenings 4-6pm For the group workshop/calls.
Week 4 – Intro calls scheduled individually

*all live workshops will be recorded in case you can’t make it someday


Hope to see some of you there!


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