Nurturing Your Nature

“Nurture”; verb;

“To care for & protect (someone or something) while they are growing”.

As someone who is committed to constant learning, constant growing & evolving – this definition hit me right in the feels. I believe that in order to retain good mental, physical & emotional health we must always remain open to growth – & contrary to what we are taught in school, this growth does not stop once our physical body stops getting taller. 

If we AREN’T nurturing ourselves during this cycle of experiences, emotions & constant change (aka life) – taking care of all parts of our mind, body & soul which need protection and nourishment, mind – we are not truly growing. & in being resistant or fearful of growth & change on an internal level, it becomes a little more difficult to deal with unexpected shifts in our external world. 

In line with Ayurveda and all holistic teachings, both mind & body work in tandem with one another to create a harmonized environment for life force (prana) to thrive within. This state of balance and homeostasis is what allows for all our bodily functions to happen at a regulated pace. It’s the stable base from which our creativity can flourish, and it creates a sense of feeling ‘safe’ within our own skin. 

To learn new skills, new ways of managing our emotions, new ways of relating to other people & essentially to be able to have any new experience without getting completely overwhelmed, we MUST remain open to growing & changing. This is why nurturing our individual nature is so important. Implementing change & becoming so in tune with the harmony between our minds & bodies that even the slightest note off-key becomes a red flag to re-route – this is what it means to nurture ourselves, continuously & relentlessly. Because external change is continuous & relentless, too.

Nurture Your Nature is what has come from years spent struggling to find this for myself – from internal battles between my mind & body trying to figure out how to find & maintain balance, noticing how this impacted my external environment & relationships, then doing all I could to stay in that space of ease within. To nurture it as it grew & changed & re-learned how to show up in the world.

Tantric Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda are timeless, natural and powerful tools to create a stable and vibrant state of health, whose teachings & principles have guided humans back to balance time & time again. 

These teachings are what anchor me, they are what has allowed me to re-connect to a part of myself that was never nurtured (through the fault of no one but a disconnected society). They have allowed me to find a sense of home within my own body which before seemed foreign, scary and uncomfortable. 

I am definitely still on this journey (as we all are), but I feel strongly about sharing these teachings now with those ready to explore themselves and their place in the world.

Please reach out if this is something you might be interested in – all session/programme options are on my homepage.

Hari Om,

Jenny xx

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